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  • Тренинг "Пинатор" Бесплатно – КАК ПОБОРОТЬ ЛЕНЬ, больше заниматься АНГЛИЙСКИМ и всегда добиваться других желаемых целей!

  • Бесплатный онлайн-семинар по эффективному изучению английского ОТ РЕКОРДСМЕНА ПО ЗАПОМИНАНИЮ! Курс подойдет как студентам и школьникам, так и всем желающим!

  • (all pages in English language are under translation and construction, but CONTACTS OF ENGLISH CLUBS ARE UP-TO-DATE)
    English Speaking Club:

    Welcome to our International Network of English Clubs!
    Our Network includes comfortable Free English Discussion (Conversation) Clubs and Movie Clubs.

    Russian Speaking Club for foreigners in Moscow
    How to find us, Contacts in different cities
    Our Awards

    Membership in our clubs is absolutely free for everyone!

    Our English Discussion Clubs actually work and make meetings in plenty of cities. Clubs in Moscow, Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Lugansk, Krivoy Rog, Donetsk, Zaoksky (Tula region) invite you!

    If you want to spend Friday evening with new friends, we invite you to "Friday Nights" - Friday sittings. In a friendly atmosphere we sing songs, discuss various topics, drinking tea and all of this in English! : ) The program is developed for everyone, is free of charge and free for visiting.

    Meetings in our clubs run in a comfortable environment every Friday evening, start at 18.00 or 19.00 (call for definition) and last until about 21.00 or 22.00, if our companionship is prolonged with a cup of tea and sweets : )

    Also on the site are presented Clubs, which have meetings on OTHER DAYS OF WEEK (info below).

    After the session our visitors can individually socialize and make friends with foreigners - the leaders of English clubs, as well as find like-minders and establish contacts with other visitors of our clubs.

    There are some questions we want to ask you:
    Do you want to communicate in English better and join interesting English-speaking friendly company?
    You used to learn English, but you lack linguistic practice?
    Do you want to find new friends, communicate with foreigners and immersed in English people?
    Do you want to watch films in English and discuss it enjoying tea?
    Solve your problems with us! : )

    Live practice of English language and communication with foreigners for free in our club - the best opportunity to reinforce English and to speak freely! Your immediate communication and your surroundings - an English language environment - is more effective than English courses, classes, lessons and a tutor!

    For most of the leaders of the clubs in English - native. They are all from different English speaking countries and are native speakers. And of course, they bring with them to class the special atmosphere of the "living" language that makes the learning process is not only effective but also interesting.

    Call us and come to our free clubs in English!
    You can contact us by phone on weekdays in cities:
    Moscow, Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Dnipropetrovsk


    English club on Fridays -
    (495) 972-0032
    (495) 728-0858

    Watching movies (on Thursdays and Sundays, call for details) in English with subtitles + discussion, dialogue -
    (905) 796-1897

    Moscow Russian language practice club on Fridays  +7 (965) 429-69-39
    Study Russian language in Moscow for free!


    English club on Fridays:
    (044) 581-1989
    (044) 599-6361
    (044) 516-5847
    (044) 229-2838
    (050) 357-3785 (MTS)
    (098) 419-9099 (Kyivstar)
    (063) 617-4929 (Life:)
    (068) 803-0110 (Beeline)

    Movie night (Saturdays at 18.00 on Rusanovka - Metro Left-bank) - films in English with subtitles + discussion, dialogue: (093) 325-2527 (Linda)

    English language courses for free, Kiev (on Sundays at 17.00 - Metro Kharkov, left bank or Darnica)

    ... more English clubs in Kiev

    English club on Fridays: (057) 757-9320
    (063) 131-0595

    English club on Fridays;
    Film club - watching movies (on Sunday) in English with subtitles + discussion, dialogue:
    (056) 788-4609
    (063) 697-4075 (Life:)

    English club on Fridays;
    View the movie (also on Fridays) in English with subtitles + discussion, dialogue:
    (032) 247-2750
    (097) 934-5761 (Djuice)
    (093) 468-2584 (Life:)
    Krivoy Rog:
    (O56) 4O1-77O1, (O68) 411-5518 (Beeline); (O93) 541-7669 (Life)

    (English Club on Sundays and Fridays): (O95) 2O3-4598, (O95) 177-4662, (O93) 279-5911

    Donetsk: (O93) 929-8576
     If you use "Skype", you can learn more about our club at our managers during the day on weekdays and chatting on-line.
     Our facebook group: www.vkontakte.ru/club15846522
    If you are interested in free online english (studying), the group has a large number of people wishing to learn or communicate in English online, which is the best practice of the English language, without leaving your computer.
    Also in our group, you can watch online funny videos, cartoons, interesting films in English with English subtitles (in huge quantities) or free download in our Video section!

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