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  • (all pages in English language are under translation and construction, but CONTACTS OF ENGLISH CLUBS ARE UP-TO-DATE)

    Our services are marked Grand Prix "Highest Grade"
    (Video below)

    As we have said, part of the clubs in the English language, of our network of clubs is supported by an international group of companies ELC (English Language Center).

    The decision of the Scientific Expert Council of the international image program "Leaders of the XXI century" ELC LTD services companies in Kiev an award "Highest Grade", and the head of the company was awarded the honorary title "the best leader of Ukraine". Prizes were awarded at an official reception in Kiev 24.04.2008 (see video below). Organizer of the ceremony - an international public organization "The assembly business."

    Assembly of Business Circles - an international non-governmental organization of leading industrialists, businessmen, academics, science, culture and

    Image program "Leaders of the XXI century" I founded the Congress of business, academic and artistic circles in Ukraine in December 1998 and is the main guiding document of the Assembly of business circles - an international public organization leading industrialists, businessmen, academics, science and culture, and journalists. In 2003, the program received a status of "international".

    In a letter number 2811 / 1978 from 22.04.2008, at reads: ".. a significant contribution to the provision of educational services, development and introduction of new methods of teaching foreign languages and able leadership the company ..".

    As a result of an official ceremony in the Central House of officers of the armed forces of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine company "English Language Center in Kiev r was awarded a diploma and a commemorative statuette and a medal, and its leader - a golden breastplate sign. The ceremony was attended by more than 50 companies from all regions of Ukraine, representing a variety of industries and services. The ceremony was accompanied by a secular reception for winners of awards and honorary guests at the State Administration of President of Ukraine.
    The memorial statue

    Diploma of the Laureate Higher test title

    Video: presentation of the company ELC Ltd Award "Highest Grade"

    More information about the awarding of the Grand Prix of the quality label "Highest Grade"
    Assembly business - International public organization leading industrialists, businessmen, journalists, academics, science and culture. The main goal - building an effective leadership body that can become the head of the new positive changes in the life of Ukrainian society. It is on this and directed the activities of international image program "Leaders of the XXI Century" - a comprehensive program image support talented people with high social activity, professionals in key areas of society, as well as the domestic brand.

    Assembly business partners in the implementation of the image program "Leaders of the XXI Century" at the international level are such well-known organizations as the European Business Assembly (England) International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Russia), the Mediterranean Chamber of Commerce (Malta), European Research Centre market (Belgium) and others.

    The program is implemented over 20 projects, including international, national and regional ratings of personal and corporate leadership contests in the area of product quality. On the specifics of the requirements and the principle of selecting the winners of three groups of image contests and ratings Assembly business: professional and managerial skills, intellectual and educational activities, quality production and service provision.

    The system of objective professional assessments, rapid tests, content analysis and social monitoring for determining the nominees, helping to create this nation's gene pool. At the same time, forming a powerful constellation of domestic politicians, businessmen, scientists, artists, the Assembly has successfully implemented one of its key goals - in recognition of individuals assertion credibility and reputation in the international community itself independent Ukraine.

    One of the major projects of the international image program "Leaders of the XXI Century" - a competition for the award of products and services, the Grand Prix of the quality label "Highest SAMPLE" (with the right use of attributes corresponding to awards and symbols (logo, "Highest Grade") in advertising).

    His goal - to create a positive image of Ukrainian companies - both producers and companies that provide services or represent the Ukrainian market of high-quality products of leading manufacturers in the world, attracting consumer attention to quality, competitive goods and services in Ukraine, promoting producers in the struggle for quality.

    Symbols of the Seal of Excellence "Highest SAMPLE" is now well known and recognizable - a bronze statue depicts two wings, which shot up - a symbol of imagination, hard work and patriotism.

    CEOs - Winners of the Grand Prix Highest SAMPLE "is given the honorary title of" best leader of Ukraine "and is awarded a gold frachny sign jewelry work (for significant contribution to the economy of Ukraine and highly effective leadership).
    Enjoy Wonderful Autumn!
    Winter is coming soon:

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