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  • Тренинг "Пинатор" Бесплатно – КАК ПОБОРОТЬ ЛЕНЬ, больше заниматься АНГЛИЙСКИМ и всегда добиваться других желаемых целей!

  • Бесплатный онлайн-семинар по эффективному изучению английского ОТ РЕКОРДСМЕНА ПО ЗАПОМИНАНИЮ! Курс подойдет как студентам и школьникам, так и всем желающим!

  • (all pages in English language are under translation and construction, but CONTACTS OF ENGLISH CLUBS ARE UP-TO-DATE)

    Partnership with us and voluntary assistance

    Our Network of English clubs is not a commercial organization, the meeting of our clubs are open to everyone and are free to the public.
    Our activity is based on assistance and initiative of our partners and friends.
    We are always happy to see new faces in their team and offer to join the partnership, or via our network of clubs

    If a regional club of foreign languages, film clubs, or offer services for learning languages and / or wish to enter into our international network of Clubs, please contact us (do not forget to include your telephone number).

    To contact us, fill the form on this page (See Below)

    You can help us in publicity, promotion and advertising of our meetings, our website, our file to the administrator, to help us financially (to submit reports on the funds spent), etc.

    It is not difficult. You can help us as follows:

    - Tell us about those who are interested in English (the study, practice, communicate with foreigners). It might be your friends, acquaintances and even strangers!
    - Add to our facebook group, Connect (soon to be in other sotsseti) to place on the page, in articles and on the wall about our free English clubs (see example below info).
    - Let us know if you can help - unleash our groups and meetings in touch!
    - Send invitations to your friends to join our group.
    - Put on the pages and on the walls of friends or other users of facebook information about our free English clubs (see example below info), do it from time to time.
    - Put on the pages and on the walls of their group or groups of other users of facebook information about our free English clubs (see example below info).

    - If you are the administrator of a site, put a link to our site, your visitors will be useful to know about English clubs and we, in turn, obtain an influx of visitors.
    - We need to develop banner ads for our site
    - If you have a blog on the Internet, put a link to our site
    - Regularly post info about us and link to social bookmarking like,, and others.
    - Regularly post about us info and a link on free classifieds on the Internet (there are freeware program for posting on bulletin boards, we will advise the appropriate program).

    - You can also post up advertisements on poles and handing out leaflets in the cities where we have clubs (we have paper ads, please!).

    Thank you for your help and understanding!

    In the questionnaire please indicate your contact telephone numbers and time of day when you are comfortable that we got a call.
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    Your E-mail *:
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    Site Evaluation:
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    Enjoy Wonderful Autumn!
    Winter is coming soon:

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